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November 2019
AS-Schneider develops drain, gauge & needle valve for refrigeration market
AS-Schneider has developed a gauge, drain & needle valve for the refrigeration market. This valve has the highest quality and safety specifications.
September 2019
Why do material traceability and type 3.2 certification matter?
Material traceability is a grave issue in a global market. For many companies, profit is more important than the quality and safety of people and the plant. For this reason, so-called black vendor lists have come into existence.
Juli 2019
How can cathodic protection prevent corrosion?
Pipe corrosion can be most damaging to industrial property. Corrosion problems have been increasing in frequency and severity over the past three decades, reducing the pipe system’s life expectancy down to only a few years. In the United States alone corrosion costs the industry more than a billion dollars a year. Cathodic protection helps against corrosion. As a non-conductive barrier you can use a dielectric isolation kit.
Juli 2019
Understanding Shell’s DVT/TAT
In practice, people often misinterpret the Design Verification Test (DVT). Formerly known as TAT (Type Acceptance Test), DVT is a Shell specification (MESC SPE 77/300A).
Juni 2019
Cryogenic valves for safe transport of liquefied natural gas
Cryogenic valves and other media are susceptible to extreme temperatures. Leakage is dangerous, threatening worker and plant safety. It is also expensive, considering the high cost of converting gases into cryogens. Standard valves expand and contract at varying rates when exposed to extreme temperatures. This expansion and contraction cause breaks in the seal. The result of these breaks is undesired leakage.
Februar 2019
Traditional flush rings have several disadvantages
Traditional flush rings use impulse lines. These lines connect a measuring device or transmitter to the system. The device or transmitter then collects and forwards the corresponding parameters. This method has several disadvantages. AS-Schneider offers a bespoke solution to these problems: close coupled flush rings. They make flush rings to their customers’ requirements.
Februar 2019
Messe DIAM 2019
Auf der DIAM in Leipzig präsentiert AS-Schneider den Besuchern unter anderem folgende Neuheiten: Double Block & Bleed Piping Kugelhähne, Process-To-Instrument-Armaturen und das Schneider DirectMount Systems mit dem patentierten Stabilisatorstutzen.
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