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November 2019
Difference between NACE MR0175 and MR0103
What is the difference between NACE MR0175 and NACE MR0103? And how do they compare? Get an answer from our expert team in our latest blog post.
November 2019
Chloride induced stress corrosion cracking (CISCC) in pipelines
Stress corrosion cracking (SCC) in pipelines is one of the most common reasons for steel deterioration. Learn how to prevent SCC.
November 2019
Inculcate resilience in your attitude
Resilience is a character that holds great leaders in decisive moments. Learn how to inculcate resilience in your attitude.
Oktober 2019
The difference between valves acc. to ISO 15848 & bellow-sealed valves
Fugitive emissions and valve leakages can be a safety, process & environmental hazard. Learn when to use valves acc. to ISO 15848 or bellow-sealed valves.
September 2019
Refrigeration in Oil and Gas Industry
Get to the bottom of why the demand for high-quality valves has risen significantly in Petrochemical and Oil & Gas Industry.
Juli 2019
Marketing Management & Customer Centricity
Unlike in the past, where the product and brand are at the centre of the company, Rethinking Marketing is all about customer-centricity. It explains why the right culture, incentives and customer-centric strategy must be created and driven from the top to be successfully implemented.
Juli 2019
DBB system in instrument piping – a cost effective safety solution
DBB ball valve for instrument piping incorporates the 3 valves in one body. Learn more about the advantages and the cost effective safety solution in our latest blog post.
Juli 2019
Why do material traceability and type 3.2 certification matter?
Today, manufacturing has become global. Imagine a salesman in Europe or America. He supplies his product for a project in the Middle East, coming from their factory in India, which sources its raw material from China or other parts of the world. It has support and customer service from Southeast Asia. This scenario is common in companies with operations across the globe. Get more insights about "Why do material traceability and type 3.2 certification matter?" in our latest blog post.
Juni 2019
What is the best solution for valve release?
Pipelines can carry media, which can expand when heated. If the media cannot expand because it’s trapped in a fixed space, the pressure will increase. This situation frequently happens with the isolated ball valve. But it is essential that the contents of the body cavity don’t get released to the atmosphere. For this kind of application, you need Valves with a body cavity relieve function.
Juni 2019
Emergency aid for leaking valves and manifolds
When valves leak in highly sensitive areas, every minute counts. Therefore the plant operator has to count on the fast support of its supplier. We, at AS-Schneider create an organisational and structural prerequisites for rapid, flexible production, optimum delivery service and expert on-site support within the company’s internal safety and quality concept. Best example is our cooperation with Binzagr.
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