Schneider DirectMount Systems
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Meets the challenge – Soft goods available to meet the toughest dirty gas applications. H2S, CO2, amines, corrosion inhibitors, methanol, glycol, etc.!

1. New Stem Design
Reduced operating torque. Minimized gap between stem and stem nut for additional operating thread protection.

2. Cost Savings
Extended seal and packing life.

3. Reduces Freezing Issues
Flow paths machined to self drain condensates and liquid accumulation.

4. Protection and Convenience
6 1/2 turns to full open & Close isolation valves. Protects electronics from pressure spikes.

5. Cathodic Protection
Dielectric isolators protect expensive electronics.

6. Comfortable Easy Turn
Ergonomic handle design.

7. Safety
Ships assembled & pressure tested. No seat and bonnet field assembly required.

Bug plug standard in 5 valve manifold vent port (not shown).

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