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By Ute Hellger I Posted: May 2018
Corporate Social Responsibility in medium-sized companies
Behind Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) lays a broad field of activity in voluntary social, ecological and economic components. Due to the many design possibilities, medium-sized companies have to be careful when developing a suitable CSR strategy. Otherwise, the companies will take over. I recommend adapting CSR measures to company size. The contribution of a medium-sized company must remain viable and affordable. Often, the responsibility for CSR is shared in different departments and there is no dedicated person for it.
towards employees, customers and the environment
Despite its international orientation, German medium-sized companies are very strongly rooted regionally. AS-Schneider is also part of that local social community. We have a responsibility towards our employees, customers and neighbors, the environment and society as a whole.

Corporate Social Responsibilty is firmly established in AS-Schneider's strategy paper "Roadmap 2020". For AS-Schneider, CSR means MORE responsibility to its own workforce and the impact on the environment and society in social, environmental and economic terms. AS-Schneider has committed itself to introducing significant improvements in the use of resources.
saving potential
Energy efficiency is taken seriously at AS-Schneider. From small measures such as automatic light sensors in the offices or automatic taps with stop function to comprehensive measures such as a private solar system on the company roof with which amongst others the electric car is refueled.
green production

Energy-efficient, resource-saving and environmentally friendly products and processes are and will remain a fundamental component of sustainable production for AS-Schneider. Here are some examples:

Energy consumption reduced by 40%
For degreasing and cleaning the production parts after the machining process, AS-Schneider uses a novel cleaning system. The energy consumption could be reduced by about 40% compared to the old system with the same amount of cleaning. This saving corresponds approximately to the average annual electricity consumption of three 4-person households.

100% recycling
The residual oil from the manufacturing processes is collected in a collecting tank. Afterwards it is filtered and cleaned by means of a high-tech filter system. The filter technology used allows a 100% recycling of the residual oil. What has led to a reduction in the oil consumption of about 20,000 liters per year at AS-Schneider.

Shorter set-up times - Longer life cycle
AS-Schneider regularly invests in new production machines. In this way, manufacturing processes can be optimized and set-up times can be further reduced. The service life and lifecycle of production machines can be significantly extended, too. The consistent use of lean tools and methods helps us to organize the process flows efficiently and sustainably. This allows us to guarantee our customers high product quality and short throughput times.

But AS-Schneider is not enough environmentally friendly production machines. We strive for an intelligent process management (keyword: Industry 4.0). With its support, AS-Schneider can optimize its production. Can make it more lean, flexible and energy and resource-saving. To achieve maximum efficiency and increase productivity while keeping an eye on the idea of ​​sustainability.

towards our workforce

Mental fitness
"Employees are our greatest asset. We owe our success to the knowledge, experience and commitment of every single employee. We know that, and that's why AS-Schneider invests in the skills and expertise of its employees. Ensuring in such way the future of our company. " (Ute Hellger, Human Resource Manager at AS-Schneider)

Anyone wishing to acquire new qualifications or to keep old and freshen up will be actively supported by AS-Schneider. This can be individual or group training, which can be both subject-specific and personality-oriented.

Physical fitness
As part of the company health management, AS-Schneider offers its employees a free visit to a renowned fitness and health studio near the employer. In addition, various courses are offered directly at the workplace. For example, mobile massages, back exercises for relieving sitting or carrying or relaxation exercises. Thematic lectures, eyesight/hearing test, blood pressure or cholesterol measurements are offered, too.

Also for the physical well-being is taken care of. Free fruit, drinks and free water dispensers are available to staff throughout the year. AS-Schneider also enables employees to participate in various regional sporting events. Here, the company takes over the start fee and sponsors a functional shirt.

Fit in old age
For us it is important that our employees can enjoy their lives to the fullest in their old age. That is why AS-Schneider offers its employees an additional pension in addition to the statutory pension. The AS-Schneider future provision, with the guaranteed interest rate of 4.0 percent per annum on each gross amount. The AS-Schneider future provision is an attractive offer within the framework of state-subsidized old-age provision. This allows our employees a carefree life even in old age.

towards society

AS-Schneider has been based in Heilbronn (Baden-Württemberg, Germany) for over 140 years and assumes social responsibility.

Regular regional associations and institutions are financially supported by AS-Schneider. Either through sponsoring or donations. For example, the annual raffle revenue (Christmas party) is doubled by the company and donated to a local organization.

Our employees like to lend a hand themselves! Every year, our apprentices are involved in at least one social project. At the center of the social project is togetherness, under the motto "Being there for each other - learning from each other".

In addition to its non-profit activities, AS-Schneider also supports the regional schools. Among other things, a comprehensive internship offer and company tours of entire school classes are part of the offer.

Image Source: © Chinnapong/Fotolia & AS-Schneider
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