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July 2019
Why do material traceability and type 3.2 certification matter?
Today, manufacturing has become global. Imagine a salesman in Europe or America. He supplies his product for a project in the Middle East, coming from their factory in India, which sources its raw material from China or other parts of the world. It has support and customer service from Southeast Asia. This scenario is common in companies with operations across the globe. Get more insights about "Why do material traceability and type 3.2 certification matter?" in our latest blog post.
June 2019
What is the best solution for valve release?
Pipelines can carry media, which can expand when heated. If the media cannot expand because it’s trapped in a fixed space, the pressure will increase. This situation frequently happens with the isolated ball valve. But it is essential that the contents of the body cavity don’t get released to the atmosphere. For this kind of application, you need Valves with a body cavity relieve function.
June 2019
Emergency aid for leaking valves and manifolds
When valves leak in highly sensitive areas, every minute counts. Therefore the plant operator has to count on the fast support of its supplier. We, at AS-Schneider create an organisational and structural prerequisites for rapid, flexible production, optimum delivery service and expert on-site support within the company’s internal safety and quality concept. Best example is our cooperation with Binzagr.
May 2019
How can cathodic protection prevent corrosion?
Pipe corrosion can be most damaging to industrial property. Corrosion problems have been increasing in frequency and severity over the past three decades, reducing the pipe system’s life expectancy down to only a few years. In the United States alone corrosion costs the industry more than a billion dollars a year. Cathodic protection helps against corrosion. As a non-conductive barrier you can use a dielectric isolation kit.
May 2019
What it Actually Means to Be Customer-Centric
Working as a CSO, one could think that of course, you must be customer-centric… But I noticed that some of my peers don’t really understand what customer centricity actually means, they are still too much “product” focused. So, what does customer-centricity mean? Does defining it even matter? It definitely does!
April 2019
Work-life balance: Professional success without burnout
Work and personal life – it’s not easy to keep both in balance. But how can employers promote a good work-life balance? This question has been a great concern to us at AS-Schneider for quite some time. It is also a topic that plays a major role in professional life, especially for the so-called “millennials”, our young junior staff and future apprentices. Therefore, we have decided to write a blog post.
April 2019
Challenge of Design Verification Test (DVT/TAT)
In practice there is often misinterpretation in understanding Design Verification Test (DVT). DVT is formerly known as TAT (Type Acceptance Test) – a Shell Specification (MESC SPE 77/300A). In the industry, there are many different manufacturers offering valves meeting Shell requirements. Users should also find out if these valves also meet the full Shell MESC SPE 77/300A Specification. This misinterpretation made our colleague Melvin Tan write this post.
March 2019
Cryogenic valves for LNG application - Part 2 of 2
In our second part of the cryogenic valve series (LNG application) Luca Baumeister, Design Engineer at AS-Schneider Group, would like to responsive on questions like “What are the challenges of using cryogenic?”, “Selecting a valve for cryogenic service.”, “How can engineers ensure tightness of cryogenic valves?” and “What should engineers pay attention to during assembly of cryogenic valves?” Enjoy the article.
March 2019
Cryogenic valves for LNG application - Part 1 of 2
One of our customers needed cryogenic valves as primary isolation valves for a pressure measurement on a container ship (LNG application). There were many points to be considered in this project. For this reason, Luca Baumeister, Design Engineer at AS-Schneider Group, decided to write a series of articles about cryogenic valves in March.
February 2019
Close Coupled Flush Ring
Close Coupled Flush Rings: Users often ask us why we recommend close coupled flush rings. That’s easy to answer: Users can save time and money while increasing their safety level. Learn in our latest post: When to use Flush Rings? and Why use Close Coupled Products?
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