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December 2021
Underground natural gas storage in salt caverns and the challenge of hydrate formation
A major issue of natural gas storage is gas hydrate formation in the piping & equipment connecting the reservoir head to the treatment plant.
October 2021
4 most important mechanical isolation methods of mechanical equipment
Learn now what are the main mechanical isolation methods to achieve positive isolation of process piping & equipment from hazardous materials.
September 2021
High temperature DBB valves for steam injection (EOR method)
Case study about high temperature Double Block & Bleed valves for steam injection - A common enhanced oil recovery method.
July 2021
5 important facts for a safe and transparent (remote) third-party inspection
We have summarized the most important facts about the third-party inspection and remote inspection for you.
July 2021
Resistant and safe bellow-sealed needle valves for national space agency
Stringent specifications for bellow-sealed needle valves that must meet the tough requirements of space projects. Bellow-sealed needle valves have to withstand over 2,500 cycles of operation.
March 2021
Impact of revision of the TA-Luft on the valve industry
Revised TA-Luft refers to ISO 15848-1 to protect the public, neighborhood & to prevent harmful effects on environment.
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