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November 2018
AS-Schneider als Top-Ausbilder ausgezeichnet
AS-Schneider bietet Ausbildung auf höchstem Niveau. Das wurde dem Armaturenhersteller jetzt mit dem begehrten DUALIS-Zertifikat für hervorragende Ausbildung erneut bestätigt.
October 2018
Click to find the right valve
AS-Schneider is expanding its online offering: Customers from Germany now have the opportunity to order Gauge Valves and Gauge Cocks as well as suitable accessories conveniently and flexibly via a own webshop (shop.as-schneider.com). Online shopping saves valuable time - and real money thanks to attractive discounts.
October 2018
User report - Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.
The company has equipped more than 400 measuring points with so-called installation hardware - which has been extremely successful: The installation effort could be reduced from 16 hours per valve to just one hour.
October 2018
ADIPEC / Valve World 2018
At the ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi and the Valve World in Düsseldorf AS-Schneider will be presenting the following novelties: Double Block & Bleed Piping Ball Valves, PycnoValves and Schneider DirectMount Systems with patented Stabilized Connector.
September 2018
Metallic - practical - tight
The plant manufacturer are often faced with the challenge of determining exactly the right valve/manifold application for extreme operating conditions. For process plants AS-Schneider can recommend the use of metal seated ball valves if abrasive products, high temperatures and pressures are present. Extreme operating conditions with temperatures up to 450 °C and pressures up to 420 bar require a special sealing technology for ball valves. Standard soft seated ball valves simply aren't ready for this kind of requirements. Their plastic seats would fail.
September 2018
Cooperation with Binzagr from Saudi Arabia
Cooperation with a local partner also ensures short delivery times as well as flexible and competent technical support: "If needed, our experts and any spare parts can be made available to the customer in the shortest time", Kummer emphasised.
August 2018
Ferienkinder als Hotel-Bauherrn
Eigentlich werden Spezial-Armaturen bei AS-Schneider gefertigt. Doch für die Nordheimer Ferienkinder stieg man unter der Regie der Azubis in die Hotelbaubranche ein: mit einem Insektenhotel-Basteltag.
August 2018
Unauthorized access or accidental operation can quickly have disastrous consequences. However, system operators can easily prevent both scenarios.
July 2018
Individual solutions for satisfied customers
At the ONS (Offshore North Sea) AS-Schneider will present a selection of tailor-made Instrumentation and Double Block & Bleed Valves. Together with its customers, the company from Nordheim near Heilbronn (Germany) realizes individual solutions that are successfully used, for example, in the extraction of oil and gas and natural gas as well as in process plants in the petrochemical industry.
June 2018
Optimized natural gas measurement - Patented stabilized connector
When transporting natural gas through pipelines to suppliers or directly to the customers, it is especially important to pinpoint the flow rates exactly. This is because inaccuracies have a huge financial impact - regardless of whether the natural gas customer is charged too much or too little.
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