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Needle Type Globe Valves and Accessories
General Features
Union Bonnet Tandem Valves Type B1
  • Barstock Body DN 8 / Bore Size = 8 mm
  • Union Bonnet
  • Integral Valve Seat
  • External Stem Thread
  • Valve Stem with cold rolled threads
  • Non-rotating Needle and back seat design

Options see Ordering Information.

Union Bonnet Tandem Valves are designed for Severe Service.
PTFE Packing is limited to 232°C (450°F).
The respective maximum allowable pressure depends on the tube / pipe connection used. For further information please contact the factory.
Components Heat Resistant Stainless Steel
Material / Material No.
Body 1.4903 / F91* 1.5415 1.7335* 1.7380* 316 / 316L
Bonnet 1.4903 / F91 316 / 316L
Valve Stem 1.4404 / 316L
Needle 1.4923
Tip Stellite
316 / 316L
Union Nut 1.7709 1.7709 1.7709 1.7709 316 / 316L
Packing PTFE or Graphite
Stem Nut 316 316 316 316 316
T Bar Handle Options see
Ordering Information

* Welded connections in material 1.4903 / F91 / 1.7335 / 1.7380 require post weld heat treatment (PWHT) at around 700 - 750°C. The valve head unit must be removed prior to the heat treatment to avoid damages. See the installation, operation and maintenance manual for instructions. We recommend to order These valves with 100 mm pipe extensions (Option V - Box 15) to avoid the removal of the valve head Units.

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