Special Service Valves Standard
  • Special Service Valves Standard
  • Special Service Valves Standard
  • Special Service Valves Standard

Special Service Valves

Hydrogen, new TA-Luft and further Special Services

"Tailored to Your Business" is at the center of our work.

Therefore we try to meet your application needs in respect of geometry, mechanical interfaces and also concerning Special Services.

Actual some examples for those Special Services are:

Hydrogen Service

Since 20+ years we offer valves supporting the media Hydrogen.

  • With the appropriate choice of metal and non-metal materials and according testing strategy we offer a wide range of well proven instrumentation and pipeline valves.

  • As stagnation is regression we are staying close to any new developments round norms and researches and update our recommended choice of materials and applied tests for your and the environments health and safety.
New TA-Luft Requirements

We are supporting the revised TA-Luft Requirements already today for our E Series Valves and Manifolds.

This was made possible by:

  • our extensive standardization work in according committees and

  • of many years of experience in the implementation of the todays TA-Luft and ISO 15848 Standard.
Further details on the new TA-Luft
Further important Special Services

Beyond the requirements of Hydrogen and TA-Luft we are also supporting the following Special Services:

  • Special Acid Gases acc. NACE

  • Oxygen

  • Chlorine

  • Phosgene

  • Isocyanate¬†

  • Respiratory Gas acc. DSIS 7573

  • Low Temperature (Arctic Down to Cryogenic)

  • High-Pressure Requirements (up to 15.000 psi)

  • Fire-Safe Approved and by Design
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