Trainings Overview
When was the last time you trained your abilities and updated your knowledge with a seminar or educational book? Use our long-term experience in the field of instrumentation and process technology for your success.

We offer trainings in different product and application areas as well as for different target groups and individual knowledge levels.
Why shall you take part at a training?
Whether in the chemical industry, power plant construction or in the oil and gas industry: Planning, design and operation of process systems are extremely complex and require a great deal of expertise.

For example, in the selection and procurement of suitable valves. Because here, not only the economy plays an important role, but above all the safety. Regulatory requirements must also be complied with the installation location and process medium.
Who can or should use that training program?
Our training program is especially aimed at plant operators and builders as well as the technical staff, which is responsible for the planning of these facilities.

We see ourselves as a solution provider: That is, we seek and implement individual solutions together with the user and help them to succeed. To do this we need to know and understand the special challenges of each application. Therefore, an intensive cooperation during the whole in-house training is very important.
Target groups
  • Plant operators

  • Plant builders

  • Technical staff/engineers

  • Technical purchasing

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