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September 2023
Why committee work is so important for you and your business
Discover the power of committee work for you and your business - To avoid fines, penalties, and keep with growing trends.
Juni 2023
How DBB valves help meet offshore size and vibration restrictions
Case study shows how DBB valves meet the tight space, weight and vibration constraints on a gas lift compression module of a FPSO vessel.
Mai 2023
Hydrogen embrittlement prevention and control
Dr. Brian Kagay explains in an interview what you should know about the mechanisms to prevent and control hydrogen embrittlement.
Mai 2023
Effects of hydrogen embrittlement on different valve materials
Understanding the specifics of hydrogen embrittlement in metallic and non-metallic structures is important to measure the effects on valves.
April 2023
Causes of hydrogen embrittlement in valves
Material embrittlement in valves due to hydrogen is a factual problem connected to several causes. Dr. Kagay explains these in an interview.
April 2023
Is hydrogen embrittlement a threat to valves?
Hydrogen embrittlement: Interview with Dr. Kagay (MPA University of Stuttgart) on the effects of hydrogen on valves & their metal structure.
März 2023
How a natural gas terminal meets 99% supply availability with DBB valves
How DBB valves in a bypass application help solve leakage issues, ensure trouble-free operation, and achieve 99% natural gas availability.
März 2023
Test installation of a DBB piping ball valve at a gas storage facility
The case study describes a practical test installation of a DBB piping ball valve in a gas storage facility.
Februar 2023
Challenges of blending hydrogen into natural gas
Blending hydrogen with natural gas requires compliance with regulations and H2 limits. We have summarized the relevant information for you.
Februar 2023
Smart maintenance in process industry based on structured data
Structured manufacturer data acc. to VDI 2770 allows responsible stakeholders like plant engineers, maintenance engineers or supply-chain managers to prevent data chaos and provides vendor independency, as they can use different IEP software solutions from the IEP provider of their choice.
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