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Do you need a quick overview of frequently asked questions concerning all aspects of AS-Schneider? Then you are in the right place here on our FAQ page.

If you have further questions, our team of experts is always available to personally assist you.

Can I order products of AS-Schneider online?

Any company with a valid VAT ID No can order. Shipping is for now only within Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The extension of the webshop to other countries is planned for the future. We'll keep you up-to-date. You can access the webshop at: https://shop.as-schneider.com

I cannot find data sheets or documents online. Who can I contact?

Please contact your local sales representative.

What types of certificates are available?
Generally we deliver our fittings with a 3.1 inspection certificate for material according to EN 10204, if ordered. Since our valves are 100% pressure-tested, this can also be confirmed with a 3.1 certificate. We also offer 2.1, 2.2, NACE, TA-Luft [Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control], Fire Safe and Purity Certificates for most of our products.

Further inspection certifications for material and pressure test certificates according to EN 10204 3.2 are also available, including the additional verification by an independent body. We have been working successfully with TÜV, Lloyd’s Register, Germanischer Lloyd and Bureau Veritas. If you would prefer a different auditing company, please contact us.
I have a special request. How can I find out whether AS-Schneider is able to fulfil this request?
AS-Schneider is able to supply customised products. Just send us your detailed enquiries.
What is the difference between a process connection and an instrument connection?
The process connection defines the connection at the inlet of the valve. This can be, for example, a threaded sleeve 1/2NPT. The instrument connection defines the connection at the outlet of the valve. This can be, for example. a flange according to IEC 61518 for direct installation in a differential pressure transmitter.
Will the valves be shipped pressure-tested?
Yes, every fitting is pressure tested at AS-Schneider.

The pressure test is implemented or conducted in accordance with EN 12266. This means that we subject each fitting to strength testing and a leak test with water at 1.5 times the rated pressure..

On request, we can also perform a leak test with the test medium air and / or helium.
Can the packages in the upper valve parts be re-adjusted?
Yes, our stuffing box packages can be re-adjusted. Standard materials are PTFE and graphite.
The "re-adjustment procedure" must be done by qualified personnel (if applicable, observe the operating instructions.

On request we are able to supply graphite packages. These offer even more sealing possibilities
How can I find out if AS-Schneider is approved for specific projects or customers?
Please request this here on our Website:
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