Modular Mounting System
General Features
Needle Valves acc. to ISO 15848

Screwed Bonnet
– Type 1 O-Ring Stem Seal + Graphite Packing
   Type 3 PTFE Packing


  • Integral Valve Seat – Metal to Metal Seated
  • Non-rotating Needle
  • External Stem Thread – Packing below stem threads. Stem Threads are protected from process media (non-wetted), helps to prevent stems from galling.
  • Stem with cold rolled threads
  • Back Seat – Metal to metal secondary needle seal
  • Color Coded Dust Cap for operating thread protection
  • Max. allowable (Working) Pressure (PS) 420 bar (6,092 psi)
  • Anti-Tamper Valve Head Options available
  • FKM O-Ring Needle Seal – RGD (Rapid Gas Decompression) resistant
  • PTFE or Graphite Packing
  • All non-wetted parts in 316 stainless steel
  • Types also comply with the requirements of TA-Luft 2021

ISO FE – Performance Data

ISO FE Type 1:
Class A 1,500 cycles / –29°C to 40°C
(–20°F to 104°F)
Class A    500 cycles / –29°C to 200°C
(–20°F to 392°F)
Class B 1,500 cycles / –29°C to 200°C
(–20°F to 392°F)

ISO FE Type 3:
Class B 1,500 cycles / –29°C to 200°C
(–20°F to 392°F)

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