Needle Type Globe Valves and Accessories
General Features
Bolted Bonnet Needle Valves Type A2
  • Barstock Body - DN 20 / Bore Size 20 mm
  • Bolted Bonnet
  • Integral Valve Seat
  • External Stem Thread
  • Valve Stem with cold rolled threads
  • Non-rotating Needle and back seat design

Options see Ordering Information.
PTFE Packing is limited to 232°C (450°F).
The respective maximum allowable pressure depends on the tube / pipe connection used. For further information please contact the factory.
Components Heat Resistant Steel Stainless Steel
Material / Material No.
Body 1.4903 / F91 316 / 316L
Bonnet 1.4903 / F91 316 / 316L
Body-Bonnet Seal Graphite Graphite
Valve Stem S17400 S17400
Needle 1.4923
Tip Stellite
316 / 316L
Bonnet Bolting 1.4980 / A453 Gr. 660 Cl. B
Packing PTFE or Graphite
Stem Nut 1.4301/304
T Bar Handle Optionen siehe unter
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