Environmental Policy

The company has set itself the goal of designing and continuously improving its products, processes and production methods in such a way that resources are conserved and emissions are kept as low as possible.
We use energy-efficient and water-saving technologies and are developing strategies for waste prevention and recycling.

Our environmental policy aims to harmonise efficiency and environmental protection.

For this reason, AS-Schneider has introduced an Environmental Management System according to the international standard DIN EN ISO 14001:2015. This system provides continuous improvement in environmental performance and protection. We monitor compliance with the effectiveness through regular audits.

Leadership and Commitment
In accordance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 14001, the top management has committed to considering the Environmental Management System in their business processes, by providing the necessary resources and ensuring the determination and implementation of environmental goals
Anchoring in the Organisation

At its headquarters in Nordheim, AS-Schneider has established the position of an Environmental Protection Officer, who coordinates and manages all environmental measures.
Together with the Hazardous Substance Officer, the Waste Management Officer, the Fire Protection Officer, the Health & Safety Officer and the Energy Management Officer, the Environmental Protection Officer forms a team that discusses all environmentally relevant topics at fixed intervals and initiates and monitors necessary measures.

Occupational Health and Safety

All workplaces are designed to preventively protect the occupational health and safety of employees. Our employees are constantly reminded of their personal responsibility for safely carrying out their tasks.

Compliance with Legal Requirements
We meet all legal regulations as well as regulatory requirements within our value-added processes. Insofar as this is reasonable and economically justifiable, we go above and beyond the legal requirements when implementing the measures.
Involvement of Employees

All our employees are regularly informed of any changes in our environmental policy and goals. Every employee is called upon to make an active contribution to environmental protection. We create incentives for innovation and improvement through an attractive and motivating employee suggestion system: ASIP. Both the management and our executives function here as role models.

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