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July 2018
Pressures of several hundred bar, temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius: Industrial valves, such as those used in power plants, the oil and gas industry or in chemical process systems, work under the most arduous conditions. In such cases, safety is the most important aspect. Not only the enormous pressure, but also the often toxic or aggressive process media can quickly become a hazard for people and the environment. Valves must not only be perfectly matched to the particular application but also provide protection against an unauthorized access or accidental operation of the valve.
June 2018
Maximum safety in every application
Strict requirements are imposed on process systems in the chemical industry. This also means that gases and liquids must not be allowed to escape from pipes or valves. A critical point from which chemicals can easily escape is the measuring devices which are installed in production systems for process monitoring.
How can you profit from Close Coupled Installations?
During my career as an instrumentation specialist, I have noticed that in certain industries, especially in the chemical industry, there is a trend towards Close Coupled Installation Concepts. But what is actually behind the Close Coupled Installation Concepts and how can you benefit from it?
May 2018
How do I know which product is for which application?
Whether in the chemical industry, power plant construction or in the oil and gas industry: Planning, design and operation of process systems are extremely complex and require a great deal of expertise. For example, in the selection and procurement of suitable valves. Because here, not only the economy plays an important role, but above all the safety. Regulatory requirements must also be complied with the installation location and process medium.

Tim-Frederik Kohler, CSO at AS-Schneider, speaks on the advantages of an intensive cooperation in form of customized in-house trainings.
Corporate Social Responsibility in medium-sized companies
Behind Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) lies a broad field of activity in voluntary social, ecological and economic components. Due to the many design possibilities, medium-sized companies have to be careful when developing a suitable CSR strategy. Otherwise, the companies will take over. Ute Hellger (Human Resource Manager at AS-Schneider) recommend adapting CSR measures to company size. The contribution of a medium-sized company must remain viable and affordable. Often, the responsibility for CSR is shared in different departments and there is no dedicated person for it.
April 2018
Innovations and their impact on industrial valves
Innovations are one of the most important growth drivers and make a significant contribution to the company's success. For sustainable successful innovation results, a culture of innovation must be created. That should be based on the cultural and organizational skills.

But how can the innovation culture of a company be developed and permanently anchored in the organization? We asked Markus Häffner, Head of Construction & Development at the AS-Schneider Group.
Focus on Safety & Environment in the Valve Business
The equipment sold into the oil and gas industry must meet the highest standards when it comes to safety and environmental issues and industrial valves are no exception. Consistently over the years customers in this industry have made it clear that safety and the environment were on the top of their lists when evaluating products. The negative consequences for not paying attention to these areas can be devastating to an oil and gas company.
March 2018
To keep the environment clean
Flush rings help to properly dispose of residual gas and liquid during maintenance and repair of measuring arrangements. In addition, they are suitable for avoiding blockages in the process connection piece. They are used, for example, in the chemical industry. Here strict requirements apply to the process plants: Safety and environmental protection must be guaranteed at all times, because not all processed substances are harmless to humans and nature. This also means that gases or liquids must not escape from the systems - neither during operation nor during maintenance. Flush rings are important helpers here.
With the company health management strengthen the employees & the company
In addition to a good business idea, a successful company needs competent executives and high-performance employees. But performance alone is far from enough to boost productivity in a business. This works only with healthy and highly motivated employees. But the health of the workforce is not self-evident. We talked to Ute Hellger, Human Resources Manager at the AS-Schneider Group, about what occupational health management means and what added value it brings to employees and the company.
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