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March 2023
Test installation of a DBB piping ball valve at a gas storage facility
The case study describes a practical test installation of a DBB piping ball valve in a gas storage facility.
February 2023
Challenges of blending hydrogen into natural gas
Blending hydrogen with natural gas requires compliance with regulations and H2 limits. We have summarized the relevant information for you.
February 2023
Smart maintenance in process industry based on structured data
Structured manufacturer data acc. to VDI 2770 allows responsible stakeholders like plant engineers, maintenance engineers or supply-chain managers to prevent data chaos and provides vendor independency, as they can use different IEP software solutions from the IEP provider of their choice.
January 2023
Flow control operations: Floating vs. trunnion-mounted ball valves
How to differentiate floating vs. trunnion-mounted ball valves? Learn the 8 most important differences between both ball valve solutions.
January 2023
Is the European natural gas network ready for hydrogen?
The path of transforming the natural gas infrastructure into a hydrogen economy! Find out if the European gas grid is ready for H2.
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