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December 2022
What is a valve manifold and where are valve manifolds used?
2-valve, 3-valve, 5-valve manifolds: There are several design configurations available for valve manifolds depending on its application area.
November 2022
By local, for local - the vendor ecosystem of the future
Building a local and focalized vendor ecosystem is a practical solution to beat operational breakdowns in your onshore and offshore platform.
September 2022
Identification of devices with unique IDs - DIN SPEC 91406 / IEC 61406 and VDI 2770
The standards DIN SPEC 91406 (IEC 61406) and VDI 2770 are crucial for the identification of devices with unique IDs in the process industry.
August 2022
Different types of valves and how to classify them
This article presents an overview of valves, their functions and the commonly used types of valves in the industry. The design principle, application areas, benefits and disadvantages of various types of valves are presented. Different methods of valve classification are also discussed to highlight the key considerations in valve selection.
June 2022
How to isolate a process line from process instrument
DBB or Block&Bleed setup is used to isolate process line from instrument. Two approaches are essential: conventional & close-coupled system.
June 2022
How suppliers in the oil/gas industry can contribute to achieving 17 SDGs
This article presents a broad overview of the 17 SGDs and how the oil and gas industry can contribute to the realization of these goals. The policies and initiatives of an internationally established valve supplier to the oil and gas industry, AS-Schneider, for the realization of the 17 SGDS are presented and discussed.
May 2022
What is the significance of the VDMA network “Power-to-X for Applications” for mechanical & plant engineering?
Read how the VDMA network “Power-to-X for Applications” supports mechanical & plant engineers with the challenges of power-to-X applications.
May 2022
New chemical plant complies with the stricter TA-Luft amendment in the field of valves
Case study describes the challenge engineers faced in choosing valves to meet the TA-Luft amendment during the construction of a new plant.
April 2022
Future importance of Hydrogen & Power-to-X in industrial applications at the EU level
Interview with Dr. Kantz from VDMA on the future importance of hydrogen and Power-to-X (P2X) in industrial applications at the EU level.
April 2022
TA-Luft amendment
What will change for you as a plant planner and plant operator in the area of valves.
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