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Accessory Kits

DIN EN 61518 / IEC 61518

Transmitter Mounting Kits are normally containing:


  • Pressure Measurement:
    2 Screws and 1 Seal Ring or 4 Screws and 1 Seal Ring
  • Differential Pressure Measurement:
    4 Screws and 2 Seal Rings

The required bolt length results from manifold flange thickness b + min. required thread engagement at the instrument (9mm), but max. 14mm. Example: Manifold flange thickness 31.2mm (1.23") + 9mm (0.35"), but max. 14mm (0.55") = Min. 40.2mm (1.58") and max. 45.2mm (1.78"). This results in a bolt length of 1 3/4" (7/16-20 UNF screw) respectively 45mm (M10 screw).
When installing a Rosemount 2051/3051 Pressure Transmitters with CoplanarTM Flange, longer bolts are required: Flange thickness b (for example again 31.2mm) + min. 44.5mm (1 3/4") and max. 48mm (1.89") results in a bolt length of 3" (76.2mm) - min. 75,7mm (2.98") and max. 79.2mm (3.12"). Washers are required for Traditional Style Manifolds Type H & T, because the bolt holes are slotted. The washer thickness is 1.5mm (0.06"). This needs to be considered when calculating the bolt length.

Available seal ring materials are: PTFE, Graphite and FKM (O-Ring)

Example for a typical product acc. to the below mentioned Ordering Information:

Part No.: AKS-HU4C-PAF44

AKS Transmitter Mounting Kit
H Type of Screw: Hex Cap Screw
U Thread Size: 7/16-20 UNF
4 Numbers of Screws and Seal Rings: 4 Screws and 2 Seal Rings
C Material: Carbon Steel ASTM A449, Type 1
PA Seal Ring DIN EN 61518 Type A: PTFE
F44 Screw Length: 1 3/4"
Accessory Kits for Manifold to Transmitter Mounting according to DIN EN 61518 / IEC 61518
Accessory Kits Drawing (arrangement) 1
b = Depending on manifold thickness
Ordering Information
Accessory Kits Drawing (arrangement) 1
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