Nuclear Valves and Manifolds
Valve Head Unit - Bellows Sealing
Bellows Sealed Head Units are mainly used for applications requiring the highest tightness class – such as toxic, vacuum or nuclear services.

Screwed Bonnet
– PN 100 and Graphite Safety Packing
– PN 250 and Graphite Safety Packing

  • Integral Valve Seat – Metal to metal seated
  • Non-rotating Stem
  • Bellows sealed – PN 100 and PN 250 incl. Graphite Safety Packing
  • Stem with cold rolled Threads
  • Bellows are submitted to a 100% Helium lLak Test
  • Leak Rate: 10-8 mbar l/s
Pressure-Temperature Rating

Bellows PN 100                    Safety Packing

Graphite Bellows PN 250     Safety Packing Graphite

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