Nuclear Valves and Manifolds
Valve Head Unit - Packing Sealing

Screwed Bonnet – Stem Seal: Packing

  • Metal seated
  • Non-rotating Needle
  • External Stem Thread – Packing below Stem Threads. Stem Threads are protected from Process Media (non-wetted), helps to prevent Stems from Galling.
  • Stem with cold rolled Threads
  • Blow-out proof Needle
  • Back Seat – Metal to metal secondary Needle Seal
  • Lock Pin – Eliminates unauthorized Removal of the Bonnet
  • Color Coded Dust Cap for Operating Thread Protection 
  • Packing Graphite
  • Max. allowable (Working) Pressure (PS): 420 bar (6,092 psi) – 689 bar (10,000 psi) optional
  • Panel Mount Option available
  • Anti-Tamper Valve Head Options available
  • All non-wetted Parts in 316 Stainless Steel
Pressure-Temperature Rating
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