Valves for Large-Bore Diesel Engines
General Features
Indicator Valves Type N473
Indicator Valve Type N473 allows a reduced installation radius at limited space. Valve opens "against engine pressure" and closes "with engine pressure". Any movement of the valve stem due to engine vibration tends to tighten the valve stem against its seat thus eliminating the possibility of opening under operating conditions.

Standard Features

  • Max. Operating Pressure: 300 bar
  • Forged Carbon Steel Valve Body
  • Stainless Steel Internal Parts
  • Indicator Connection W 27 x 1/10", Female Cone or 1 3/16"-10, Male Cone
  • Standard Engine Thread Connections:
    - British Standard Whitworth (BSW)
    - British Standard Pipe Parallel (BSP P),
       Symbol G = External and Internal Parallel (ISO 228)
    - Metric Screw Threads (Coarse and Fine Pitch)
    - National Pipe Thread (NPT)
  • Special Threads, Engine or Indicator End, are available
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