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September 2023
Empowering plant operators for a sustainable and digital future with the dynamic Digital Valve Kit
At booth 57 of the Oil and Gas Automation and Digitization Congress (AUTOMA) 2023 in Austria, the AS-Schneider Group will present an exciting development of its valve solutions. Building on the success of its static digital twin solution, the Digital Valve Plate (DVP), the AS-Schneider Group will show the advanced Digital Valve Kit (DVK) as a dynamic digital twin solution. The Digital Valve Kit, providing plant operators with remote access, remote control and health status indication of their valves.
July 2023
SB Manifold complies with ISO 15848-1 - tightness class B as standard
The SB Manifold from AS-Schneider is part of a modular mounting system. It allows transmitters and gauges for general pressure and differential pressure measurements to be installed quickly and efficiently - directly on the mounting plate. In addition, the SB Manifold is suitable for hydrogen and for applications where fugitive emissions must be kept low. It complies with Shell Specification MESC SPE 60.98.56/201 and /301.
June 2023
OGA in Malaysia - Solutions for a sustainable and digital future
A highlight from the AS-Schneider Group at the OGA at booth 1203 in hall 01: Expanding on the static digital twin valve solution Digital Valve Plate (DVP), AS-Schneider presents the dynamic digital twin solution, the so-called Digital Valve Kit. The Digital Valve Kit, providing plant operators with remote access and remote control and health status indication of their valves. Furthermore, Thomas Weisschuh (Director Product Management and Innovation at the AS-Schneider Group) will give a technical speech on the topic: “Digital Valve Kit and Digital Name Plate – Opportunities and challenges digitalizing pure mechanical components”. In addition, the specialist for industrial valves will present valves and manifolds as well as the DBB ball valves for hydrogen applications and for use with fugitive emissions (ISO 15848-1 and TA-Luft 2021).
June 2023
Meet requirements of the new TA-Luft without additional effort
The amended Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control (TA-Luft) have come into force. Valve manufacturer AS-Schneider supports plant planners and plant operators with a standard valve that meets the new requirements. The big advantage for the user: With the standard version, the user can comply with the limit values for pollutant emissions of plants subject to immission control approval. S Standard valves and manifolds that have already been installed have been post-qualified, so to speak.
May 2023
Digital Product Pass becomes Digital Valve Plate
AS-Schneider will rename its digital nameplate Digital Product Pass (DPP) to Digital Valve Plate (DVP). With this, the valve specialist draws a clear line between its solution for marking valves and manifolds and an initiative of the EU, which also operates under the name Digital Product Pass and is becoming increasingly important in the industry. Now, mix-ups are excluded and both solutions can be further developed in parallel.
February 2023
More efficiency with structured data: For efficient maintenance
Implementing smart maintenance is an essential strategy in the processing industry. In new or modernized plants, it can reduce downtime, increase safety and promote maintenance efficiency among plant operators. However, plant engineers often need access to an appropriate document database. From the point of view of the valve manufacturer AS-Schneider, structured product data and associated documentation create the basis for efficient maintenance and transparent processes.
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