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October 2022
Solutions for a sustainable and digital future
A highlight from the AS-Schneider Group at the Valve World at booth B20 in hall 03: Expanding on the static digital twin valve solution Digital Valve Plate, AS-Schneider presents the new dynamic digital twin solution, the so-called Digital Valve Kit. The new Digital Valve Kit, providing plant operators with remote access and remote control of their valves, as well as indicating the current health status of the installed valves. In addition, the specialist for industrial valves will present valves and manifolds as well as the DBB ball valves for hydrogen applications and for use with fugitive emissions (TA-Luft 2021).
September 2022
More automation in the assembly processes
AS-Schneider ensures a high degree of automation to make manufacturing more productive. Now the valve specialist is setting its sights on assembly. The use of collaborative robots (cobots) is also intended to automate this more strongly. To achieve this goal, AS-Schneider is cooperating with the Fraunhofer Institute Austria.
September 2022
Solutions for the digital future
A highlight from the AS-Schneider Group at the ADIPEC at booth 8840 in hall 8: The new Digital Valve Kit which help the plant operators to get the current health status of their valves. In addition, the specialist for industrial valves will present valves for hydrogen and high-pressure applications as well as their customized injection quill solutions for oil and gas applications.
September 2022
Digital pass for valves
In order to further advance digitalisation in the process industry, manufacturers should supply clearly identifiable devices and make standardised product data available digitally. The DIN SPEC 91406/IEC 61406 and VDI 2770 standards support this. The valve manufacturer AS-Schneider labels its products with a QR code: This gives customers easy access to valve specifications and technical documents.
June 2022
Expert interview: "No energy transition without hydrogen"
Power-to-X technologies (P2X) are considered the favored solution in the energy industry when it comes to becoming independent of fossil fuels. In 2018, the German engineering association (VDMA) founded the platform Power-to-X for Applications (P2X4A) to address the specific challenges of P2X projects. Valve manufacturer AS-Schneider is a member of this network and wants to actively shape climate change. Björn Bofinger, hydrogen consultant at AS-Schneider, explains in an interview how the VDMA P2X4A network supports mechanical and plant engineering in the topic of P2X applications.
June 2022
Expert interview on hydrogen: "This will revolutionize the EU energy market"
Mechanical and plant engineering companies play a crucial role in the topic of climate protection. To concentrate the potential of its members, the VDMA already founded a platform in 2018 that deals with the specific challenges of Power-to-X projects (P2X). The industrial valve manufacturer AS-Schneider is part of this network and wants to actively promote the energy transition through its commitment. In an expert interview with Dr. Carola Kantz from the VDMA network, it becomes clear what enormous potential hydrogen and Power-to-X technologies have at the EU level.
May 2022
Effects of the new TA-Luft on valves in chemical plants
In order to be able to comply with the limit values for pollutant emissions specified in the TA-Luft amendment, both plant builders and plant operators are required to check the installed components. In the case of replacement or new plants, it makes sense to take the requirements of the new TA-Luft into account even before the end of the transition period in 2025. INEOS has therefore installed TA-Luft-compliant valves in accordance with the 2021 amendment from AS-Schneider in its new chemical plant.
March 2022
Hydrate formation prevented
In natural gas storage facilities in underground salt caverns, hydrates can easily form in the pipes, clogging them and making regular measurement of the gas pressure massively difficult. In order to avoid crystal accumulations, there is the possibility of heating the gas - until now a technically complex procedure. A development by AS-Schneider simplifies the procedure: The heatable sampling probe generates the necessary heat, prevents hydrate formation and enables accurate and process-safe measurements.
March 2022
Energy transition with Power-to-X solutions
In order to be able to optimally use electricity from renewable energies, Power-to-X solutions are in demand. In addition to balancing supply and demand, these technologies for converting electricity into other energy sources can also reduce global CO2 emissions.
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