Monoflanges and VariAS-Blocks
General Features
VariAS-Block for Injection and Sampling Applications
All options and configurations shown within the standard VariAS-Block range can be offered by the addition of a customized injection probe respectively sampling probe which extends from the pipe flange into the process stream. The probe is designed as a one piece solution with a fine-turned surface to optimize the wake frequency behavior and provide utmost stability. The probe lengths must be specified by the customer. The probe O.D. is 25 mm. Wake frequency calculation and support collar on request.
VariAS-Block for Sampling Applications (Option 1)

This design has been developed to remove a sample directly from the process stream at full system pressure.

VariAS-Block for Injection Applications (Option V)

This design has been developed to inject directly into the process stream at full system pressure. The integral check valve eliminates the risk of back flow out of the process stream during the injection. Available on both flanged and threaded connections.

Installed Injection VariAS-Block incl. Check Valve
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