Gauge Valves and Pressure Gauge Accessories
General Features
Gauge Snubbers | Features and Benefits

AS-Schneider Gauge Snubbers are used to improve the output or readability of the instrument, and to reduce the effect of pressure surges on the instrument.

They also limit the external discharge of the pressure medium, in the event a discontinuity should occur on the instrument side of the snubber. Closing the valve increases the dampening action.

Standard Features

  • Forged Body in Brass, all other materials in Barstock Material
  • Max. allowable (Working) Pressure (PS) 400 bar
  • Max. allowable Temperature (TS) 120°C
  • The Gauge Snubbers are available for sour gas service in accordance with NACE MR0175/MR0103 and ISO 15156, see table on Page 23.
Optional Features

Oxygen Service:
AS-Schneider offers an option cleaned and lubricated for Oxygen Service – Suffix F0 (PN250) od F5 (PN400):

  • Max. allowable (Working) Pessure (PS): 400 bar
  • Max. allowable (Working) Pessure (TS): 60°C

  • A choice of O-Ring materials is available.

Inspection certificate 3.1 acc. to EN 10 204 for valve body material and pressure test available on request.

Components Brass Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Duplex Alloy 400 Alloy C-276 Alloy 625
Material / Material No.
Body Brass Carbon Steel 1.4571 | 316 * Duplex Alloy 400 Alloy C-276 Alloy 625
Valve Stem 1.4404 * 1.4404 * 1.4404 * | 316 * Duplex Alloy 400 Alloy C-276 Alloy 625
Screw Plug Brass Unalloyed Steel 1.4571

* 316 / 316L / 1.4401 / 1.4404

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