Gauge Valves and Pressure Gauge Accessories
General Features
Syphons, Elbows and Straight Pipes
AS-Schneider Gauge Syphons are used to protect the pressure gauge from the effect of hot pressure media such as steam and also to reduce the effect of rapid pressure surges. The syphon allows condensate to form and be collected inside the syphon, preventing the hot media (hot vapors, not just steam) from coming in direct contact with the pressure instrument. Also used as freeze protector when used with proper fill fluids.

AS-Schneider is providing 3 different syphon designs. The Coil Syphon is normally used for vertical installations and the U Type Syphon for horizontal installations. The third design is a compact Gauge Syphon which can be used instead of the Coil Syphon. In addition, AS-Schneider is providing pipe connectors where a syphon is not required, such as Elbows and Straight Pipes.

The standard syphons are designed, manufactured and tested according to DIN 16282. The standard pipe dimension is Ø 20 x 2.6 mm. 1/2" pipe (Ø 21.3 mm) dimensions are also available. AS-Schneider is also providing so-called Commercial Style Syphons. These types have a standard pipe dimension of Ø 21.3 x 3.2 mm – using threaded pipe connections instead of weld fittings. The Compact Gauge Syphon is available as standard type and also as integral snubber type.

Standard Features

  • The standard DIN 16282 U Type Syphon is bended to the left side, optional also to the right side.
  • Commercial Style U Type Syphons are bended in a single-plane
  • Range of application: For liquids, gas, steam and vapors

Surface treatment of Carbon Steel Types:
  • DIN 16282 Style: Phosphatized
  • Commercial Style: Oiled, optional phosphatized

Inspection certificate 3.1 acc. to EN 10 204 for pipe material available on request.
Optional Features
The standard AS-Schneider circular shaped syphons are Coil Syphons. Should you require Pigtail Syphons please contact the factory.
Coil Syphon
Pigtail Syphon

Other Materials, Pressure-Temperature Ratings and Connections on request.

Pressure-Temperature Rating
Coil and U Type Syphons
and Elbows
Straight Pipes

Compact Gauge Siphon

Components Carbon Steel Stainless Steel
Material / Material No.
Pipe 1.0345 1.4571
Pipe Connector 1.1141 1.4571
Adjusting Nut Stahl Edelstahl
Components Stainless Steel
Material / Material No.
Body 1.4571
Tubes 1.4571
Swivel Nut 1.4571
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