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General Features
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AS-Schneider Gauge Valves are designed, manufactured and tested according to DIN 16270, DIN 16271 and DIN 16272. According to these standards the valves are applicable for a max. allowable (Working) Pressure (PS) of 250 bar (brass) respectively 400 bar (carbon steel and stainless steel) and a max. allowable Temperature (TS) of 120°C for liquids, gas or vapors.

The max. allowable Temperature (TS) of 120°C is considering the requirement that valves and measuring instruments need to be protected against heating by hot media. This can be achieved by syphons or by instrument impulse lines with sufficient length. However the AS-Schneider valves can be used for temperatures up to 300°C - PTFE up to 232°C, Graphite up to 300°C.

Standard Features

  • Forged Body
  • Internal Stem Thread
  • Stem with cold rolled surface and Non-Rotating Needle Tip
  • PTFE Standard Packing

Pressure Test:
A shell test and a seat test are performed at 1. 5 times the max. allowable (working) pressure acc. to EN 12266-1 – P10, P11 and P12.

Optional Features

DVGW approved Valves:
AS-Schneider is offering different valve types which have been tested and approved by DVGW. The test basis is DVGW VP 308. The valves are applicable for all gases in accordance with DVGW G 260.

Pressure-Temperature Rating:

  • Max. 100 bar @ -5°C up to +60°C
  • DVGW-Approval-No.: DG-4315BQ0226

Fugitive Emission Applications:
For Fugitive Emission Applications AS-Schneider is providing bellows sealed valves. Choice of Pressure class PN 100 or PN 250. Valve head unit in stainless steel, wetted parts 1.4571, needle tip Stellite.
Optional available are TA-Luft and ISO 15848 solutions. For more details please contact the factory.

Inspection certificate 3.1 acc. to EN 10 204 for valve body material and pressure test available on request.

Oxygen Service:
AS-Schneider offers an option with Reinforced PTFE Packing cleaned and lubricated for Oxygen Service – Suffix F5:

Pressure-Temperature Rating:
Max. 420 bar @ 60°C
Max. 200°C @ 90 bar

Packing adjustment may be required during the
Service life of the valves. Valves that have not
been cycled for a period of time may have a higher
Initial actuation torque.

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