Soft Seated Valves and Manifolds
General Features
Cup Design Valve Head Units
T Handle
Ergonomic Handle Design.

Valve Stem
Stem with cold rolled threads for high strength and smooth operation.

Needle Seal
PTFE Packing or Double O-Ring

Non-rotating Needle for smooth operation and minimum wear of sealing elements - PTFE Packed Valve Head Units only.

Back Seat
Metal to Metal secondary needle seal and therefore the needle is anti-blowout / non-removable – For your safety.

Valve Seat
Material: ETFE, POM or PEEK
Valve Seats are field replaceable

Color Coded Dust Cap
For operating thread protection:
Isolate - Blue
Vent/Test - Red
Equalize - Green

Color Coded Options
Following options are also color coded below dust cap:
Oxygen Service - White

Lock Pin
Eliminates unauthorized removal of the bonnet assembly.

Bonnet-to-Body Metal Seal

Traceability of Materials
All AS-Schneider Soft Seated Valves and Manifolds have material traceability.
A unique code is stamped on all valve bodies linking them with their material and chemical analysis certificates.

O-Ring Sealed Valve Head Unit

PTFE Packed Valve Head Unit

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